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Track school energy consumption and measure progress

MT&R focuses on providing your school facilities’ building operations and maintenance staff with continuous tracking, measurement, and reporting of current energy consumption. Regular MT&R reports provide detailed building energy consumption data to facilitate and promote effective school energy management strategies. Measurement of energy consumption is normalized for factors such as weather, load growth, and occupancy to fully answer the question as to whether or not your organization is reducing energy consumption.


Why do we need MT&R?

It’s important to monitor school energy consumption regularly so you can keep you finger on the pulse of increases and decreases in usage and measure these against energy conservation strategies. Facility energy use has a tendency to drift upwards overtime due to operational practices—MT&R helps to mitigate this risk by providing up-to-date, normalized energy use data to spot trends before they impact your target achievement. MT&R can also be used to track project success, spotting energy use anomalies before the project is complete, while contractors and consultants are still on site to troubleshoot and find solutions.


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