1. Rede works exclusively with rural school districts and understands your environment
  2. Has a tried and tested continuous improvement system for school energy conservation
  3. Flexible approach—can either lead your program or provide support with program components
  4. A team of friendly, capable, and experienced energy engineers
  5. Delivers energy savings and a guaranteed pay-back over time
  6. Has its fingers on the pulse when it comes to government funding incentive programs, and can help you get approved
  7. Experts in all aspects of energy program management: electrical and lighting, heating and ventilation, and automation systems
  8. Knows how to translate energy tracking reports into plans that will turn into tangible results
  9. High level of expertise with the latest automated diagnostic/fault detection and prioritization tools—we can implement and manage (buildpulse and coppertree)
  10. No job too big or too small for Rede
  11. Energized by every opportunity to create innovative school energy management programs that meet your goals
  12. Natural coaches when it comes to promoting energy management to school leaders, staff, and students