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We cover all capital equipment

Embarking on creating a detailed capital equipment audit can be a daunting and time consuming task. The Rede team is experienced in working with school districts to deliver audit reports that provide the status on the following capital equipment systems:

  • Electrical/lighting
  • Mechanical/HVAC
  • Automation


Why perform a capital equipment audit?

Energy audits are a powerful tool for uncovering operational and equipment improvements that will save energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to higher performance. Energy audits can be done as a stand-alone effort but may be conducted as part of a larger analysis across a group of facilities, or across your entire school district. These complex energy audits provide a comprehensive energy efficiency capital investment plan that align with your financial goals and forms a critical component of your overall energy management program.



A detailed school energy audit will identify:

  • Short-term, low-cost energy efficiency retrofit recommendations
  • Action plans for energy efficiency capital investments
  • Comfort and code issues that can be addressed immediately
  • Opportunities for better adherence to equipment and comfort standards

In summary, a detailed school energy audit will provide prioritized recommendations for capital and operational improvements, timeline, cost estimates, and extrapolated pay-backs/return on investment.


What happens after the detailed school energy audit is completed

Your detailed energy audit will provide you with a prioritized roadmap of what equipment upgrades (electrical/lighting, mechanical/HVAC, and automation) for one, some, or all school facilities. With this in hand, you will be ready to execute upgrades and capture incentive dollars

Capital Equipment Upgrade Project Management

Project management for your capital equipment upgrades

Rede will stay engaged during the execution phases of your capital equipment upgrades, overseeing the project and contractors, to ensure installations go smoothly and meet expectations.

Note: Rede does not engage in performance contracting for energy efficient schools. Project management for capital equipment upgrades is charges on a strictly fee-for-service basis, and we work with your sub-contractors.


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