Overcoming LEED challenges worth it for BC district

A British Columbia school district took the extra steps to build a LEED Gold Certified building – a process that had its challenges. In the end, the extra steps have been worth the challenge for School District 46 (Sunshine Coast), according to the district’s facilities and transportation manager, Rob Collison. … read more

What is a watt?

Watts are a vital unit of measurement for electricity consumption and conservation, but they can be difficult to explain a magnitude of watts. Here are some quick explanations to explain electricity energy conservation to colleagues, teachers and students. … read more

Does performance contracting make cents?

Although performance contracts can make fiscal sense, they require extensive planning, research and monitoring to ensure their value is realized. Do performance contracts make sense for your school? … read more

How to overcome barriers to energy management

  Energy management makes sense for the bottom line and for sustainability. However, other priorities within organizations often become more pressing than energy management projects. Behaviour change strategies are a powerful approach to overcome the common barriers to energy management. Eric Mazzi is an energy manager, consultant and engineering instructor from Vancouver. He recently contributed to … read more

Intro to carbon neutrality

Carbon neutral means the carbon released is equal to carbon sequestered. In the most basic form: Carbon Released – Carbon Sequestered – Carbon Offsets = 0. … read more

school garbage can

Taking out the garbage cans

A British Columbia school district used a bold approach to divert more waste from the landfill – they removed the garbage cans from classrooms. In 2015, Delta School District removed all garbage cans from the classrooms and placed four-piece bins in the corridors for garbage, organic waste, mixed recycling and cans and bottles. … read more

biomass boiler pellets

Biomass boilers have a bright future

Download a free Biomass Best Practices checklist to get started with biomass in your organization Caroline Reid is the Energy Manager for the Interior Health Authority in British Columbia and a Senior Energy Engineer for Rede Energy Solutions   An age-old technology may be the solution for carbon neutral and cost-effective heating in rural facilities. … read more

solar panel on school

Best practices for communicating about climate change

Energy managers may not be trained communicators, but they are vital links between decision makers and solutions. Sharing stories and successes of effective energy management in your school encourages innovation in your district and beyond. … read more

Improvements to BC Hydro web app for BESI customers

Updates to the BC Hydro web application for BESI customers aims to make it easier for energy managers to apply for incentives. The Strategic Energy Management Hub is BC Hydro’s latest approach to manage energy efficiency projects, from proposal to completion. … read more